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This website is dedicated to all our deceased classmates.
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May they rest in peace.


Gold Medal Class of '63 Caroling, Marching, and Chowder Society
Christmas Gala & Red Sweater Cotillion

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Paul ABRAMS ~Email, Ann ALBERTOWICZ Tabasinske ~Email, Kenton "Kenny" ANDERSON ~Email, Mary Jo ANDERSON Miller (thru 5th Grade), Paul ANDERSON ~Email, Cam APGAR Keyes ~Email, Fay Elizabeth APPLEBY ~Email, Jim "Pitts" ARMSTRONG ~Email, Joan ARMSTRONG (deceased) 1945-1963, Linda ARMSTRONG Williams ~Email, Phil ARMSTRONG

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Roy BALLARD ~Email, Bill BARNES (MISSING), George BARNETT (deceased) 1945-2014, Ed BARRETT (deceased) 1944-1982, Marilyn BARRETT (MISSING), Gary BARTRAM, Peter BAUGHER ~Email, Myra BAYLESS Hooper ~Email, Dee BECKER Thompson ~Email, Kay BEGLEY McGruder ~Email, Keith BEIERS (MISSING), Linda BELLISTON Boehning ~Email, Shirley BELULIA (MISSING), Rosann BENEDICT ~Email, Earl BENNETT ~Email, Frosty BERG ~Email, Barbara BERKELEY Charelle ~Email & Kathy BERKELEY McLean (deceased) 1945-2013, Patty BEZZIO (deceased) 1945-1998, Richard BISHOP (MISSING), Susan BISHOP (MISSING), Homer BLACKBURN (MISSING), Ruth Ann BLANTON (deceased) 1945-1958, Dick BOEHNING ~Email, Myrna BOLIN Turner ~Email, Gaylor BOLTON (deceased) 1945-1998, Tami BOND Trudell ~Email, Pam BONESS Petersen ~Email, Donna BOWERS Rice ~Email, Cheri BOWLIN Tabaka (deceased) 1945-2015, Greg BOYD ~Email, Don BRACKENBUSH ~Email Don with some Puget Sound Bombers, Joyce BRADY (MISSING), Mary Jane BRADY Wagner (deceased) 1945-2015, Lynn BRAKE Penix ~Email, Karen BREEDLOVE Rustan, Barry "Stomp" BRISTOL ~Email, Dave BROWN, Gina BROWN Flowers ~Email, Glenda BURDSALL Schmidt, Jon BURNLEY (deceased) 1945-1967, Jill BUTLER Hill-Chandler (deceased) ~ 1945-2016

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Mike CALDWELL ~Email, Alan CAMPBELL ~Email, John CAMPBELL ~Email ~~ John with some Puget Sound Bombers, Tom CARAWAY, Ken CARLSON ~Email, Iris Corinne CARTER Fitzpatrick-Keeney, Joe CASTLEBERRY ~Email, Denny CASTO ~Email, Beth CHILES Erdmann>, Dick CHOATE ~Email, Lyman CHRISTOPHER (MISSING), Donni CLARK Dunphy ~Email, Jim CLAYPOOL ~Email, Anita CLEAVER Heiling ~Email, Bill COATES (deceased) 1944-2008, Denny COBURN (deceased) 1944-1980, Jackie COLE Bailey ~Email, Judie COLE Crain ~Email, Leoma COLES ~Email, Kathy COLLIER Parker, Mary COLLINS Burbage ~Email, John COONS ~Email, Steve COOPER (honorary) (MISSING), Bob COTTRILL ~Email, Karen COX Noland ~Email, Sherralyn "Sherry" COX (MISSING), Larry COYE (deceased) 1945-1978, Donna Rae CROMWELL Barsness, Kathy CULVER (MISSING), Sharon CURTIS Gress ~Email

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Tom DAILEY ~Email, John DALE ~Email ~~ John with some Puget Sound Bombers, Lynn DAVENPORT Koenig ~Email, Richard DAVIES ~Email, Frances DAVIS Brickel ~Email, Kaye DAVIS Moss (MISSING), Linda DAVIS Brede ~Email, Richard DAVIS (MISSING), Tonya DAY Garberg ~Email, Barbara DEAN McDonald ~Email, Diana DEAN Tooley (MISSING), LeRoy DEARING (MISSING), Richard DeGRAW, Lamont DeJONG ~Email, Sharon DENNY Neilsen, Lynn DIXON Steckline ~Email, Leslie DREHER Schroeder ~Email, Marye DURBIN Godinez (deceased) 1945-2014

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John EHRIG (deceased) 1945-1966, Jack ELLIS, Dick ENDERS (deceased) 1945-2000, Ann ENGEL Schafer ~Email, Barbara ENGLUND Drew (deceased) 1945-2015, Brock ERICKSON (deceased) 1945-1990, Rick EWING (deceased) 1945-2016

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Larry FAUBERT ~Email, Joanna FAULKNER Brown ~Email, Mary FINCH Miller ~Email, Judy K. FISHER, Ray FISHER ~Email, Pam FLEMING (honorary) ~Email, Richard FLORA ~Email, Joe FORD ~Email, Connie FOSTER McLean ~Email, Betsy FOX Vance ~Email, Jim FRANKLIN (honorary)(deceased) 1943-2016, Monty Jay FRANKLIN (deceased) 1945-2014, Preston FRUCHTL ~Email, Larry FRYMIER (deceased) 1945-1982, Betsy FULLER Callaway ~Email, Donald Eugene Lee "Don" FUNDERBURG, Joan FUNDERBURK, Jaleen FUSMAN Martin (MISSING)

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Pat "Gabe" GABLE ~Email ~~ Gabe's Home Page, Bonnie GAGE (MISSING), Reed GALBRAITH ~Email, Marvin GALE, Barbara GAMERTSFELDER Machtey ~Email, Buel GAMMILL ~Email,
Chuck GARDINER (deceased) 1944-1984
Chuck -'59 Cougar Champs Team Photo,

Judy GILMAN, Gary GILMORE, Darrel GLASFORD ~Email, John E. GOWER ~Email, Ed GRAVERSEN (deceased) 1944-2013, Ron GREENE (MISSING), Shirley GRIFFIN Minnoch (MISSING), Marilyn GROFF Taylor ~Email, Diane GRUNWALD Greer ~Email, Paul GUTIERREZ (MISSING)

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Patty HAGEMEIER Brekke ~Email, Cappy HAINES (deceased) 1945-1999, Penny HALL (deceased) 1945-1998, "Jimbeaux" HAMILTON ~Email, "KC" HAMMILL (deceased) 1945-2013, Ann HANSON (deceased) 1945-1972, Dave HANTHORN ~Email, Ed HARDING, Claudia HARMON Gale, Karen HARRISON Miller (deceased) 1945-2003, Louise HARTCORN Graversen ~Email, Jeannie HAWLEY Saunders ~Email, Judy HAWS Murray, Dean HEILING ~Email, Myron HENKE (deceased) 1945-1978, Ann HENNINGS (MISSING), Bill HENRY (deceased) 1944-2011, Karen HENSHAW Wright (MISSING), Margie HERFORD Maher ~Email, Bonnie HERTZ Lampe (deceased) 1945-2015, Lawrence HETRICK ~Email, Pat HEXUM Smith ~Email, Diane HILL Neet ~Email, Norm HILL, Rob HILLS ~Email, Ken HINRICHS (honorary) (deceased) 1945-2014, Paul HIRST (deceased) 1945-2007, Bob HITCHCOCK ~Email, Sue HOKANSON Schindler ~Email, Chris HOLLISTER (MISSING), Jim HOLMES ~Email, John HOPKINS (MISSING), Jim HOUSE ~Email, Pete HOUSLEY ~Email, Scott HOUSTON ~Email, Cecil HOWARD ~Email, Barb HOWE Gubens (deceased) 1945-2017, Mike HUGHES, Floyd HUNTER (deceased) 1945-2010, Keith HUNTER ~Email, Leslie HUTCHINSON Bryne (deceased) 1945-2016, TWINS: Bill HYATT (deceased) 1945-1995 &
Bob HYATT (deceased) 1945-1995

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Rick IRISH ~Email, Dave ISAKSON (deceased) 1944-2001

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Princess JACKSON Smith (deceased) 1946-2014, Louise JANIN Brady ~Email, Mary Ellen JEFFS Sharp, Sandy JENKINS McVeigh ~Email, Vicki JENKINS Chapman ~Email,
Lila JENNE Brackenbush ~Email
Lila with some Puget Sound Bombers,

Leslie JENSEN, Anne JOCHEN Dowdy ~Email, Diane JOHNSON Albrich (MISSING), Janice JOHNSON Chunn ~Email, Kurt JOHNSON ~Email, Lynn JOHNSON Andrews ~Email, Peggy JOHNSON Tadlock ~Email, Rick JOHNSON (deceased) 1945-1992, Ted JOHNSON (honorary)(deceased) 1945-2015, Betsy JONES (MISSING), David JONES (MISSING), Rance JONES ~Email, Tommy JONES (MISSING - Moved after Spalding), Vicki JONES Madden ~Email, Brent JOYCE (deceased) 1944-2004, Donna JUDSON Nelson ~Email

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Kay KAGER Gray ~Email, Joe KAVECKIS ~Email, Patti KEENEY ~Email, Charles KEISER ~Email, Ray KELLY ~Email, Frank KENDALL~~Email, Jerry KERN ~Email, Jim KING ~Email, Susan KINNEY Wood ~Email, Karen KLEINPETER Kroger ~Email, Arlas KLUCAS Nemnich ~Email, Terry KLUTE ~Email, Barbara KNOLL Stuart (MISSING), Dale KOHLER (honorary)(MISSING), Susan KONECNY Branch, Dianne KORNBERG ~Email,
TWINS: Dolly KOSHMAN Pittenger & Donna KOSHMAN Conrad (deceased) 1945-2011, Kris KRATZER Sutton-Lynde (deceased) 1945-1986

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Chet LABORDE, Mike LAHRMAN (deceased) 1944-2012, Helen LAMBDIN Garner-Rancitelli ~Email, John LANE (deceased) 1945-1998, Ed LANGE (honorary) (deceased) 1945-2002, Rosalie LANSING Haag ~Email, Carolyn LARSEN Myers ~Email, Garland LASATER (deceased) 1945-1997, Linda LATENDRESSE Janin (deceased) 1944-2007, Paulette LAWSON Sicilia (honorary) ~Email, Marc LEACH ~Email, Mary Ellen LEACH (MISSING), Gary LeCLAIR ~Email, Duane LEE ~Email, Joyce LEE Rhodes ~Email, Ralph LEE (deceased) 1945-2000, Walter Melvin "Walt" LINDBLOM (deceased) 1944-1995, Ann LINK Steckline ~Email, Carole LOGSTON Jetton ~Email, Sharon LONGCRIER Draper (MISSING), Micki LUND Anderson ~Email, Marion LUNDRIGAN Smith ~Email

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Betty Jo MAROIS Colli (deceased) 1945-2003, Jerry MARSH ~Email, Nancy MARSHALL Foss (deceased) 1945-2003, Bob MATHIS ~Email, Marianne MATTHEWS Wood ~Email, Jim MAULSBY (deceased) 1945-1967, Lynn McCALL Henrikson (MISSING), Janice McCAULEY Smearman, Shelley McCOY (deceased-motorcycle accident) 1945-2002, Ann McCUE Hewett ~Email, Sharon McDERMOTT Bruce ~Email, Sandra McFALL (MISSING), Dennis McGRATH (honorary)~Email, Carol McKENZIE Lane (deceased) 1945-2012, Tomi McKINNON Ott ~Email, Sherry McLAUGHLIN (deceased) 1944-1982, Dale McLEAN ~Email, Dave MEDEMA ~Email, Micki MEEKER Ledgerwood ~Email, Lane MERRYMAN ~Email, Barbara MEYER McKinney ~Email, Chuck MEYER ~Email, Robert MIDDLETON, Linda MITCHELL Moore ~Email, Vicki MONSON Moore (honorary) ~Email, Robert Eugene "Bob" MOORE ~Email, Johnny MOORE (deceased) 1943-2001, Marilyn MOORE (MISSING), Perry MOORE ~Email, Suzanne MORGAN Henry (MISSING), John MORRIS (MISSING), Fred MORSE ~Email, Verbie MOSS Ketzeback ~Email, Brad MOSTELLER ~Email, Glenda MOYERS (deceased) 1945-2017, David MULVEY, Pat MURPHY Evans ~Email, Trish MURPHY (MISSING)

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Mary NAPIER, Gail NEITZEL (deceased) 1944-1994, Donna NELSON ~Email, Lee NELSON Archibald ~Email, Bill NERPEL ~Email, Jim NEWELL ~Email, Larry "Fig" NEWTON (deceased) 1945-1986, Betty NOBLE Giedd ~Email, Carol NORTHOVER (deceased) 1945-1995, Bill NORTON (MISSING), Donna NORWOOD Gleason (honorary) (deceased) 1945-2009, Georgia NUGENT Allen~~Email, Sue NUSSBAUM Reeb ~Email, Jim NYLUND ~Email

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Fran OATHES Ayers, Eileen O'HEARN (MISSING), Kathy O'NEIL Childs ~Email, Joan ODEGARD Simpson, Emory ORCUTT (deceased) 1943-2008, Frank OSGARD (honorary '63er) ~Email

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Pam PALMER Pearson ~Email, Beth PARKER (deceased) 1945-2016, Adele PAULSEN Sorensen ~Email, Mike PEASE (MISSING), John PERKINS ~Email, Alan PETERS ~Email, Ross PETERSEN (deceased) 1945-1989, Kent PETERSON (deceased) 1945-2010, Richard PETERSON (MISSING), Rod PETERSON ~Email, Susan PETERSON Webster ~Email, Don PEYTON (honorary) (deceased) 1944-2008, Judy PFOHL Bagley ~Email, John PICKERING (MISSING), Janice PIERCE Gunter ~Email, Dick PLOWS (deceased) 1945-2010, Ron POPP, John POYNOR ~Email, John PUTNAM (MISSING)

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Rosemary QUALHEIM Guse ~Email, Mike QUANE ~Email

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Kathy RATHVON ~Email, Patricia REDISKE Weatherman ~Email, Bill REDMOND ~Email, Sally REES Dall ~Email, Mark REITAN ~Email, Darrell RENZ ~Email, Marilyn REW Reynolds ~Email, Michael REYNOLDS (MISSING), Pat RICE Lamb ~Email ~ Pat's Home page, Ron RICHARDS ~Email, Sandy RIGGINS Ott-Saunders-Stroben ~Email, Bob RILEY ~Email, Linda RISLOV Jacobs ~Email, Gary ROBERTS (honorary) (deceased) 1945-2009, Kathy ROBERTS Wuthrich ~Email, Dick ROBERTSON (deceased) 1944-2014, Carolyn ROE DeJong ~Email, Suzy ROHRBACHER (deceased) 1945-1977, Jan ROOD (deceased) 1945-1988, Shannon ROUSHEY, Loretta ROWE Jones ~Email, Cecilia RUIZ (MISSING), Marie RUPPERT Hartman ~Email,

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Howard SAVARE (honorary) (deceased) 1945-1968 (KIA-VietNam), Freddie SCHAFER (deceased) 1945-2007, Patti SCHIER Briselden~Email, Dennis SCHODT ~Email, Mike SCHOONOVER, Mike SCHROEDER ~Email, Dave SCHULZ ~Email, Gary SCOFIELD ~Email, Janet SCOTT (deceased) 1944-1984, Ken SHAFFER (MISSING), George SHARP ~Email, Tony SHARPE ~Email, Susie SHAVER Caldwell ~Email, Pat SHEEHY Foster (MISSING), Peggy SHEERAN Finch ~Email, Susan SHERWOOD Nulman ~Email, Judy SHIBLY Cozad ~Email, Marcia SHORT Dean (deceased) 1945-2014, Jane SIMMONS Bonogofski ~Email, Marilyn SIMMONS Arnold ~Email, Dave SIMPSON ~Email, Kay SITTIG Wolf ~Email, Carole SLEDGE Jones ~Email, Jim SLOMAN (MISSING), Michael SMAHLIK ~Email,
David "Pook" Smith (deceased) 1944-2005 Pook in '59 Cougar Champs Team Photo,
Denny SMITH ~Email, Don SMITH Francine SMITH Aylward ~Email, Glenda SMITH Hultman-Geerlofs ~Email, June SMITH Colletti (deceased) 1945-2001, Kandy SMITH Olson ~Email, Maureen SMITH May, Paul "Medo" SMITH ~Email, Vicki SMITH Adkins ~Email, Maren SMYTH (honorary) ~Email~~Maren's Home Page, Linda SNOW Stull, Ed STAMBAUGH (MISSING), Jim STECKLINE ~Email, Eva STEEL Lee ~Email, Larry "Dobie" STEPHENS (deceased) 1945-2003, Leland STEPHENS (MISSING), Paul STERLING ~Email ~~ Paul in '59 Cougar Champs Team Photo, Carla STINE McLaughlin~Email, Mary Jane STOAKES Shervais~Email, Emma Jean STONE (MISSING), Barbara STRUNK Kruger ~Email, Waunita STUART Wharton ~Email, Marilyn SWAN Beddo ~Email, Darlene SWEARINGEN Bumpus (deceased) 1945-2005, Milt SZULINSKI (deceased) 1945-1996

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Cheryl TACKE Hagen, Jerry TALLENT (MISSING), Fred TAUSCH (deceased) 1945-2015, Bob TAYLOR (MISSING), Jerry TAYLOR ~Email, Larry TEW (MISSING), Allen THOMPSON ~Email, Eddi THOMPSON Baird ~Email, Marilyn THORP ~Email, Bonnie TIMMERMAN Glover (honorary) ~Email, Jean TURNER Meabon ~Email, Paul TURNER ~Email

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John UNSER (deceased) 1944-2005, Leland Bond-UPSON~~Email, Lorna URSETH Morrison

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George VALDEZ ~Email, Simon VanHOUWELINGEN, Mary Ann VOSSE Hirst ~Email, Charla VOWELS Ranch ~Email

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Ralph Alexander WADE (deceased) 1938-2014, Theartis WALLACE (deceased) 1945-2011, Jeanie WALSH Williamson ~Email, Jim WARD, Lorraine WARD Shelby ~Email, Sheri WARD Johnson ~Email, John WARNER ~Email, Sue WARREN Warren ~Email, Lana WATKINS Sorensen ~Email, MaryLou WATKINS Rhebeck ~Email, Pat WATT Hill (deceased) 1945-2001, Leo WEBB ~Email, Terry WEBB (deceased) 1944-1985, Ellen WEIHERMILLER Anderson ~Email, Mary Ann WEILAND Turner ~Email, Diane WEISENBERGER (honorary), Larry WERSEN ~Email, Lloyd WEST ~Email, Beverly WETHERALD (deceased) 1945-1980, Frank WHITESIDE ~Email, Mike WIITALA ~Email, Carol WILEY Wooley ~Email, Carol WILLIAMS Hendrickson (honorary) ~Email, Donna Lee WILLIAMS ~Email, Jay WILLIAMSON (deceased) 1945-1967, Bill WILSON ~Email, Kathy WILSON (MISSING), Robbie WILSON ~Email, Ruth WINSOR (deceased) 1945-1972, Don WINSTON ~Email, Peggy WIRTH Brynes ~Email, Nester WISE ~Email, Connie WITHERUP Isakson ~Email, Dave WITTENBROCK ~Email, Jim WODEHOUSE (MISSING), Connie WOODCOCK Ortiz (MISSING), Susie WOODFIELD Norwood ~Email, Margo WOODS Shafer ~Email, Ivalee WORKMAN Emshousen (deceased) 1944-2017, Kenny WRIGHT ~Email,

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Tom ZAMZOW (MISSING), Sheila ZANGAR ~Email, Diane ZELLEY Major ~Email, Alan ZUMWALT ~Email, Gary ZWEIFEL ~Email

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'63 in 1973 - 10 years Later ( 117 attendees)
'63 in 1983 - 20 years later ( 120 attendees)
'63 in 1988 - 25 years later ( 150 attendees)
'63 in 1993 - 30 years later ( 120 attendees)
'63 in 1998 - 35 years later ( 85 attendees)
'63 in 2003 - 40 years later ( 122 attendees)
'63 in 2008 - 45 years later ( 89 attendees)
'83 in 2013 - 50 years later ( 149 attendees)

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Annual OlyFest, Chin Counting Contest, Christmas Party/Gala,
Clambake, Red Sweater Cotillion, and/or Breakfast.
2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,
2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015,

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